Overview of the KwaZulu-Natal sardine run

C D van der Lingen, J C Coetzee & L Hutchings (2010) Overview of the KwaZulu-Natal sardine run. African Journal of Marine Science, Volume 32, Issue 2


This paper provides an introduction to, and overview of, the natural phenomenon known as the KwaZulu-Natal sardine run. Previous literature on this topic and hypotheses about the reasons why, and the mechanisms how, the run occurs are briefly synthesised and described. Papers contributing to this suite that detail more recent work on a variety of aspects of the sardine run, ranging from physical oceanography through sardine biology and ecology to socio-economic and ecological consequences, are outlined. Such studies will lead to improved understanding of the factors that regulate the timing and intensity of the run, which may permit predictions of whether it will occur, when fish will arrive on the KZN beaches, and how long it will persist. Such predictions would have substantial benefits for this ecologically and economically important event.
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